Why all are not SUCCESSFUL?

Why only 2% People Are SUCCESSFUL And 98% Are Not?

Why 2% people of the world are SUCCESSFUL and 98% people are not, because 98% people just copy others without own thinking. For ex. The son of Mr. Paul is a doctor so I also to be, Choudhury’s son is an Engineer, My son also will be etc. etc.You will find many examples at your neighbor like this. They have fully failed to doing copy others. You must listened that you must use your own brain to copy others. Lets know the by the story.

In a village there is a man living happily by a shop. One day at 8PM he was returning to his home from his shop, he met with some thieves. He asked them “Where are you going so late night” One replied “We are businessmen, going to buy things”. He asked again “Where will you find Things in this late night? Will you pay cash or credit?” They said “No need to pay, we bring free”, Replied the thief. By hearing this the businessman started thinking, what is the work where can get things without paying money. After thinking sometimes he told that he also want to learn that work. The thief written in a paper about the technique of steeling. “First enter in a house by the backside without making any noise, whatever you find gather at a place then come out with these.”

He kept the paper in the pocket and went to the next village. One of the thief told him to enter to a house but to remember the noted words. The businessman entered to a house without making noise, gathered all things, at that time a dish fell down from his hand and all members of this house waked up and started to bitting him. At that time he was crying loudly that ” There was not written in this paper, this will happen”.

So friends, hope you have understood that even copy others you must use your brain, use your intelligence. This is the reason for the success of 2% people and failure of 98% people of this world. Every one has unique talent in this world. Every person will not be Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Warren Waffet. 98% people do not understand that. Every one is busy copping one another. If anyone seek his internal talent, do work related to it , definitely he/she will be SUCCESSFUL .

Now you have to decide where you will come, “In the list of 2% or in the list of 98% people”.