Friends this story is from the motivational Trainer Sandeep Maheshwari Sir.

One day the KING AKBAR went to a jungle for hunting.

At the way one of a finger of the King cutted accidentally. Then the Minister BIRBAL told to the King “Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best”. AKBAR became very angry by listening these words and told his solders to punish BIRBAL that is to hang over till death before the early in the morning next day. The solders arrested BIRBAL.

Then the King AKBAR went to the hunting alone At the jungle the Local Tribal People caught AKBAR and decided to kill/victim. At the time of killing/victim one of there member saw that one of the finger of AKBAR was cutted. It was not a rule to victim a injured person to the God. Then they decided to free AKBAR and gave him to go.

Akbar understood that BIRBAL told right words (“Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best”)

He remembered that the solders seem to be punished BIRBAI because it was the end of the night. Yhen he went quickly to the Kingdom to save BIRBAL’s life. The solders were going to hang out BIRBAL,he stopped them.

AKBAR shamed and told him that he (Birbal) was right. He told the whole story what happened with him(The King). Then BIRBAL smiled and told “Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best”AKBAR shocked and told “Are you mad , what is the best here” BIRBAL replied if “I went with you the villagers (in jungle) might victim me. So whatever happens , happens for the best.

So friends, there are many difficulties in our life also. Don’t worry fight against it because problems are not permanent. Day comes after the Darkness/Night. Your life also will be Bright. Keep patience, always smile what difficulties come in life.