1. BE HONEST: Honesty is the most important thing in every one’s life, it may be in love life or business life. So be honest every time, you will be succeed in every field. We all know that “Honesty is the best policy”.

2. GIVE RESPECT: Giving respect of your partner is also very important for a GOOD RELATIONSHIP. Give respect take respect. Appreciate his/her good thing or work. Don’t criticize his/her character or anything close to him/her. Just tell him/her about the bad thing but not criticize.

**Appreciation for anything of your partner will make an honest/close relationship**

3. BELIEVE: ‘Believe’ is also an important term in a GOOD RELATIONSHIP. Believe your partner/dear ones. If you believe your partner/lover, you also will be happy. So don’t keep doubt in mind about your partner. If you believe your partner definitely your partner will be bound to believe you and that relation will be fantastic.

4. TAKE CARE: Always take care for your partner. If you take care of anyone, automatically he/she will take care of you. Taking care of someone will make a good impression and a heartiest feeling between them.

5. SHARING: Share everything with your partner. Don’t hide a single thing if possible. Sharing with your partner will reduce your tension and feel better. Talk freely with your partner as a best friend. Don’t take any decision alone, discuss about the matter freely with your partner then take steps. Every problem has a solution, problem is not permanent thing, try to solve together.