Tips of Success

1. DREAM BIG: If you want to achieve a big SUCCESS in life, you have to Dream first. Dream Big Achieve Big. Just think what do you achieve in life, which must be practical. It may be A Car, A House, Bank Balance Etc. Etc. There are many people in this world who are living an ordinary life. And a little people want to live an extra-ordinary life. A car and a house is a basic need. But you think what type of House do you want (e.g-A 2BHK Flat/House or A Banglow type House), What type of Car (An Alto 800 or An Audi/BMW). You must the quotation of Swami Vibekananda “If You Think You Can , You Can. If You Believe You Cannot You Are Right.” It means “everything depend upon your thinking “.
2. DEDICATION: You must have to dedicate yourself for your work . “Arise, Awake, Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached.” Told by Swami Vibekananda . It means do your work continuously till not achieved your goal/target. Don’t wait for results, just do your work, result automatically will come.
3.BELIEVE YOURSELF: An ordinary person don’t even believe himself that he can also do that thing. He/She believe that this thing is not for him. For that, poor becomes poor and rich becomes rich.
4. DO THAT WORK WHICH YOU LIKE THE MOST: Every person has one or some unique qualities to his own to perform. Go that field where you really want to go or which work makes you joyful internally. For e.g. Singing, Writing, Drawing, Teaching etc. Search your internal talent then work for it. **But if your Dream is Big and you have a burning desire FIELD is no matter. Dedication of any work will make you 110% SUCCESSFUL in life.
5. SET A TARGET: First of all set target for months/1,2,3,4,5 years etc.
**Make a Display Board in front of your bed. Paste the pictures of all your Dreams (e.g. Car, House, Foreign location if you want to go etc. etc.) which you can see daily.**
6. CELEBRATION: Celebrate, enjoy whatever you have achieved, may be small but must celebrate. Don’t think you will celebrate after achieving all dreams, cause your age will not be stay same all the time so enjoy every moment, by listening songs, giving party etc. etc.
7. DON’T BE WEAK: I think there is no one in this world who has achieved success in life, without failure. SUCCESS is not possible without failure. Strongly believe yourself that you can do it and definitely you can do it. **“Strength is Life, Weakness is Death.”- Swami Vibekananda.**
**Be Legal, Be Honest every time**
8. DON,T EGO: Always analyze yourself. Ego may be the reason for your failure, so don’t be ego about your wealth, your SUCCESS etc.
9. KEEP PATIENCE: Another important tips of SUCCESS is to keep patience.