Life Story of MARK ZUCKERBERG /Biograpgy/Founder of FACEBOOK

MARK ZUCKERBERG born on 14th May 1984 in White Plains, New York. He has 3 sisters along with his father and mother in his family. He is the only son. Mark’s father is a Dentist and his mother is a psychiatrist. Marck was an intelligent boy from his childhood. He was much interested in programming language from school level. His father taught him basic computer.

At the age of 12 he developed a messenger named Zucknet.
MARK ZUCKERBERG’S father installed this software and used in his clinic. Receptionist inform about new patient by this messenger. Marck’s father noticed his ability and arranged a computer teacher who taught programming at his home. He learned programming so fast that the teacher was shocked on him. Generally children of this age don’t want to learn and want only to play but at this age MARK ZUCKERBERG developed game and gave his friends to play. When he was at High School he developed a media player named Signapps which automatically generate playlist. IT Giant, MICROSOFT, AOL etc. wanted to buy this media player and offered money for that but he refused to sell.

After completing School study he took admission in Howard University for higher study. He was popular there also for his intelligence and known as a software developer.

In 2003, MARK ZUCKERBERG made a site named Facemash. He hacked the database of Howard University and profile pictures of the students of that university uploaded to his site. Facemash site selected two pictures and voting which is the best. The voters of this site were the students of that university. The popularity of his site had become so high and many students started access it. Then the server of the university crushed for more traffic. The Principal and Professors scrolled him and closed this website.

After that incident a student of that university Divya Narendra with his two partners came to Marck with the idea of social networking site. Divya told that he wanted to make that site for the students of Howard University and the name would be ‘Howard Connection’, later named it ‘Connect You’. They told that people who linked with this site would be able to share their photos, personal information by this site. Marck started work for that.

When MARK ZUCKERBERG was working in this project a thought came to his mind that to make his own social networking site. In 2004 he purchased a domain name ‘’. The people of whole world known it as the name of ‘FACEBOOK.COM’. FACEBOOK was used only the students of that university at that time. In 2005 Facebook was started to use all the universities of America.

The popularity of FACEBOOK was increasing day by day. Marck wanted that not only the students but every one of the world may use it, for success this project he stopped his learning and started working for that. The features of FACEBOOK is that people can make new friends and can also re-contact with their old friends anywhere they live in this world. So people attractive for FACEBOOK seeing this features. The popularity of Facebook is so high that today more than 1 Billion people use Facebook worldwide. When MARK ZUCKERBERG made the Facebook he was only 19. At this young age he connected us all one another. In 2010 he has been given the ‘Times Person of the Year’. He is the Fifth richest person of the world now (2018).