Life Story/Biography of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI

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“Think Big, Think fast And Think forward” Because there is not any one’s authority in Thinking. It was the words of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI, who made his way to one of the worlds richest person from a simple family.

Original name of DHIRUBHAI AMBANI is Dhirajlal Goverdhandas Ambani. He was born on 28th December,1932 in Chorwad village, Gujrat, India. He stopped his study in High School level and started to sell ‘Pokode’. He believed that there is no link between Study and Money because it is not important that only educated people can earn money. At the age of 16 years
DHIRUBHAI AMBANI went to Aden of Yemen with his brother Ramaniclal and a friend. He 1st worked in a petrol pump and after some days he started to work as a clerk @ 300 per month. After doing his duty he always do an extra time work so he had much money than his partners. But he thought that if he want to be a rich person he should start his own business and needs money for that. He did his duty in full dedication where he worked, So the owner of the company promote him as a Manager. But after doing his duty for some days he quit his job and returned to India because he had something extra in his mind.

In 1955 DHIRUBHAI AMBANI started a business of polyester and spices with his cousin brother Champak Lal with the capital of Rs15000. Within a few years the yearly turnover of their company has become 10 lakhs. At that time Polyester was new, cheap and more lasting and looked like new after using many time, so liked by the people of India. So the growth of the company increased many times. Then the partnership with Champak Lal Damani has broken out because their thinking were totally different. But DHIRUBHAI AMBANI did not look backward and started his business in Telecom, Energy, Electricity and Petroleum. You Can imagine about his success that 90,000+ workers are working in his company now and His company is top company in India today.

So Friends, if you adjust yourself in time to time’s requirement then there is nothing impossible in this world.

On 6th July, 2002 DHIRUBHAI AMBANI has expired. But people have not forgotten till now for his behavior and kindness. He told that if anyone has the ability to Dream Big then he can be able to win this world.