Life Story/Biography Of BILL GATES

“If you born poor it is not your mistake, if you die poor that is your mistake”- BILL GATES.

BILL GATES is the richest person in the world. He achieved his success by his real dedication and work. He is so rich that if he makes another country then it will be the 36th rich country in this world.

He earn 102 Crore+ daily. You can imagine If he divide all his money to every people of the world then every one will get 5000 in INR / 71 dollar.

The actual name of BILL GATES is William Henry Gates. He born in 28th October, 1955 in Washington, America. His father William H. Gates was a famous Lawyer. His parents wanted him to be a lawyer but he interested in computer and programming languages from childhood. He started his primary education in Lakeside School where he has been given a computer to learn from the school which increase more interest in computer. BILL GATES thought ‘how it works?’ than learning computer.

At the age of 13 years after gathering BASIC knowledge of computer, BILL GATES developed a program name ‘Tic Toc Toe’ which was a type a game. There was no need of two person to play this game, any one can play it with computer. In his schooling time he met with Pol Allen who was two years senior than he. They became friends for their thought and thinking about computer but their behavior were not matched.

Bill Gates and Pol Allen were protected to go to computer lab because they always passed time in computer and played with software instead of learning which affect their learning. After that they were allowed to go to the lab in a condition that they can search error in programming. At that time Bill Gates developed an another software which helped in time table schedule in school.

At the age of 15 years in 1970 BILL GATES and Allen developed a program which looked at Traffic Signal Pattern. They earned 20000 Dollar for this program which was their 1st Earning.

In 1973 BILL GATES passed out from Lakeside School and took admission in Howard University. But in 1975 Gates came out from the University without completing his Graduation and started thinking about his Company.

On 26th November,1976 he registered Microsoft as a company and day by day achieved on the top in computer software world.

BILL GATES says that his children have no right in their property. He says he will give good education to their children but they must search their own way of earning.

BILL GATES loved to help people from childhood. Today he donate crores for poor and needy people.

He says that ‘Everyone do mistake but who tries to improve his mistake they can be succeed in life’.