Life Story/Biography of NARENDRA MODI, Indian PM

NARENDRA MODI is one of the most powerful leader of the world and the most popular Prime Minister in India ever. Anyone how may love or hate him but cannot ignore his works done within a few years for India.

The life of NARENDRA MODI started very simple but for his dedication, for his patriotism, for his thinking he achieved this success that anyone could not think like that.

NARENDRA MODI   born in a very poor family. At the age when all the children like to play all time but he helped his father to sell tea. He sold tea in the train compartment. But if you have the desire to do something for your country then nothing is impossible for you.

NARENDRA MODI born at Vadnagar, Bombay state (Now Gujrat) of India on 17th September, 1950. The name of his father was Damodardas Mulchand Modi & mother Heeraben Modi. They were very poor at that time and lived in a small hut. He is the 3rd among his 6 brothers and sisters. Modi’s father sold tea in a small stall of a rail station where he also helped his father to sell tea in the rail compartment.
NARENDRA MODI was good in study also. His teacher told that he had much interested in speech, drama, and also play game. He completed his school education from Vadnagar. At the age of 13 years his engagement was done and in 17 years he was married with Yoshodaben Chamanlal. According to ‘Financial Express’ news
NARENDRA MODI and his wife spent some years together and after that they were separated. But Modi biographer do not agree. According to him MODI and his wife had not lived together ever.  After some years he left the home and his marriage life had finished.

NARENDRA MODI think that a unmarried person could fight against corruption more aggressively because he/she could never think about his sons, wife and others.

The Patriotism of NARENDRA MODI can be seen from the childhood. During 1962 India China war Modi served tea and food in the Army train. He also served in the Army in 1965 India Pakistan war.

In 1971, NARENDRA MODI joined with RSS and started work for it. He went to different places of Gujrat and understood closely  the problems of the people. In 1975 the political problems were going on. The Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in many states in India and RSS got banned. But Modi worked in hide and helped the people then also. So he was jointed to BJP for his work. Now he was considered an important member of BJP. In 2001, BJP replaced KesuBhai Patel and declared NARENDRA MODI as a Chief Minister of Gujrat. Modi became CM on 7th October 2001. Then he won the Legislative Assembly Seat  from Rajkot. In this year an earthquake came and destroyed many places in Gujrat. Modi as a CM played an important role in making stable state. He supplied electricity in every village, made rode to connect village with town. He worked for increase tourism, connected all rivers and solved water problem. The biggest solar park of Asia is made in Gujrat. Besides these many other development works are done by Him. His work and speedy development  of the state made him the most popular and loved CM of Gujrat.

But in 2002 Godhra Kand Riot NARENDRA MODI ’s name was attached. On 27th February 2002, in Godhra Railway Station,Gujrat, a train compartment of Sabormati Express was burnt, died of 59 people. This resulted starting riots in the state. More than 1200 people died and 2500 injured. A Judge Committee was made by the Supreme Court for inquiry. NARENDRA MODI got clean shit in SIT report.

80 temples were demolished in Modi’s capital by him because of not making in proper place. He was very much criticized by Hindu Samaj for his action but he didn’t cared as he believed in the development of the country. People of Gujrat elected him 4 times Chief Minister for his work.

NARENDRA MODI was declared as a Prime Ministerial Candidate by the BJP for his popularity in 2014. People of India believed him and his past work seeing the Gujrat model, his love for the country. The main topics of 2014 Loksabha Election was Black Money, Corruption, Development of the country, people believed his words and voted him. On 26th May 2014 he had become the 15th Prime Minister of India. Modi works 18 hours a day and slept only a few hours. He has not taken a single leave till now. He is pure vegetarian and does Yoga daily. NARENDRA MODI loves very much his mother. People of India are very happy in his work. He is the most popular PM of India and also the World.