7 Morning Habits That Can Change Your Life

He is HAL ELROD. On 3rd December,1999, a car knocked him Doctor declared that he is died, but after 6 minutes his heart bit started. He was in coma for 6 days. at 7th day his sense came, then the doctor told he will not be able to walk in future because his 11 bones has been broken. After some years of that accident, Hal has become a best selling Author, Key note Speaker and an Ultra-Marathon Runner. He took birth after death and proved the doctors view was wrong.

*How did HAL ELROD reach at this stage?

*HAL says, for that you have to get up from sleep first*

After returning from coma he made six habits which he followed everyday and these were learned from different Books of different Writers. Lets take a look THESE SIX HABITS.

Now I shall tell you 6 Morning habits from the book “THE MIRACLE MORNING” of HAL ELROD. If you follow these you will become a successful person.

When he started these habits-

*He had 15000 Dollar debt.

*His house was going to sell.

*He was very unhealthy and sad.

After starting these 6 MORNING HABITS, his income had become double within two months. Saved his house from getting sell. Being well within some days he had become an Ultra-Marathon Runner and a happy person. Yes this is the man The Doctor told that he would not be able to walk. HAL ELROD was also shocked for his recovery so fast, so he named the book “THE MIRACLE MORNING“.

Hal described these as SAVERS..

S stands for Silence. According to him Silence means Meditation of Prayer. After waking up from bed maximum people of this world take tension of his work or FB chat etc etc. But SUCCESSFUL person does not do this. Generally they go to silent mood that is meditation/yoga/prayer etc.which relax their brain and gives them a good starting for the day and get ready the brain for good performance. At first HAL ELROD thought meditation is a religious something which is not relevant to success, but after reading SUCCESSFUL STORIES he realized that the Meditation is the most important to achieve a success.

A stands for Affirmation. Talking positively with yourself is a powerful tool which is done by professional Athletes, Actors etc.You can write or ask yourself these words:-

1. In which stage do you want to see yourself at every step?

2 . Why do you want These changes?

3. What commitment you can commit for that?

Write these in a copy and read daily..

V stands for Visualization. Visualization is twins of Affirmation. You think that these two are same but different. Visualization is like a Video and Affirmation is its Audio. If you are writing about your goal, to achieve this you have to visualize this. For example you want to buy a car, Visualize that you are driving or sitting in that car etc.

E stands for Exercise. We all know that exercise is very important for us but we ignore it always. There are many reasons for not doing exercise.*”It has become very late today/It is 8 o’clock now etc etc. To get out from this you have to get up early in the morning daily. After some days it will become your habit. *Scientific benefits of Exercise::Exercise supplies much Oxygen in to the Brain, brain releases Endorphin, clears thinking and helps to feel better, increases energy level for full day. *Writers did not tell you yo go to the Gym, you can do exercise with free hand.

R stands for Reading. Reading and writing is the best way for self development. Try to read 10 pages daily, you will read 3650 pages in a year that is equal to 17/18 books.

S stands for Scribing/Writing. Use some minutes for writing your feelings/thoughts. This is also called MORNING PAGE. Writer did this in two parts::1. Lesson Learn; means what I have learned and achieved till now. 2. New Commitments; means what improvements I have to do , what I have to learn, what I should learn. This method helped the writer to focus that what he has achieved and what have to achieve.

To follow these routine you have to wake up early in the morning to complete all these habits before 8 AM. The Subtitle of this book is “6 Habits that will transform your life before 8 AM.

**Tips of HAL ELROD – Take as a challenge of these 6 habits. Tell to tour best friend to do these as a competitor. Do as a challenge for one month.

1st 10 days it will seem to be very tough .

2nd 10 days you will feel as common.

3rd 10 days you will like the 6 habits.

So friends seek a partner to do this challenge. Thank You..