Life Changing Thoughts

                                                              Life Changing Thoughts


                        A person was walking on the streets, saw a elephant stood in a tree. He saw the lags of the elephant was bind by a rope. He was shocked. Thought the largest animal like elephant was bind with a rope instead of iron chain. It was clear that if the elephant want it can tear the rope easily but he is not doing because of any unknown fact. Then the man asked others why the elephant was stopped without doing try to go away. They told him that the elephant is generally binded by the rope at very young age, they had no much strength to go away at that time. They failed to tear the rope trying again and again at that time. And from that time they think that they shall never tear the rope and that believe stayed till the old age too so they don’t even try to tear this.

                          The man was totally shocked that the biggest animal is not trying to tear the rope because he believe that he cannot tear the rope. There are many of us like the elephant who think that it is not possible for them after their first failure. Everything has finished for them. And live their life with own this made thinking/negativity. You have to keep in mind that The Failure is a part of your life. 1st time, 2nd time, 3rd time failure is not means that the life is End. Success comes from trying again and again.

                            If you also binded by thinking like this which is not giving your ‘Dream Comes True’, then Tear This, Break This, Come Out from this.

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